Friday, July 8, 2011


The number of points on the students Gold Card will determine whether or not they will attend a prestigious university.  Students best source of collecting more points is determined by the quality, detail, and in-depth research their projects contain.  

If a group of students discover they have a specific interest they will be allowed to work together as a "posse group" on a series of related projects all through-out high school.  

If their parents, for one reason or another, have to relocate, then the parents will be able to assign a guardian to look after the child/student.  The guardian might be one of the other students' parents.

All students must work within a group each semester.  Although, groups can change from one semester to another.  If students find it difficult working within a particular group they will not be allowed to drop-out from the group and/or start another.  They will be counseled individually. However, if it becomes necessary a group counseling session will be scheduled.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


 iPads will be distributed just like books, however, if they are lost or stolen students will have to put in so many hours of "dock" clean-up, tutoring, and community service to have them replaced.  If, for whatever reason, students do not fulfill their hours they will not receive their high-school diploma even if the incident took place years earlier at another school.  
Group projects, exam grades, attendance, and iPads will all be attached to receiving a diploma. 
Students will receive grades from two instructors for their projects based on the subject matter. Also, an exam grade for the subject matter given by a third instructor.  These two grades are then combined for a final grade.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Elementary students will receive a cards dispensed to card, and their parents/guadians will receive one as well. Parents are able to access - as well as the student - attendance - proper use of iPads, textbooks, library check-outs, meals/snacks, and supplies etc. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Classrooms are no longer the square rooms filled with rows of desks and a whiteboard up front, and a single instructor.

They look and operate similar to a Starbucks. Yes! Coffee makin' Starbucks - Cappuccinos with a serving of American History.

No longer is there a "front" area of the classroom, instead, students are scattered through-out the room into group-clusters.