Friday, July 8, 2011


The number of points on the students Gold Card will determine whether or not they will attend a prestigious university.  Students best source of collecting more points is determined by the quality, detail, and in-depth research their projects contain.  

If a group of students discover they have a specific interest they will be allowed to work together as a "posse group" on a series of related projects all through-out high school.  

If their parents, for one reason or another, have to relocate, then the parents will be able to assign a guardian to look after the child/student.  The guardian might be one of the other students' parents.

All students must work within a group each semester.  Although, groups can change from one semester to another.  If students find it difficult working within a particular group they will not be allowed to drop-out from the group and/or start another.  They will be counseled individually. However, if it becomes necessary a group counseling session will be scheduled.

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