"Hey dude!  How 'bout trying a green-tea latte with one pump of coconut - topped with whip cream and mocha drizzle. Oh yeah!"
"Whoa! Dude.  Chill.  I'm making mine a frappucino."
"Did you guys check-out TEDs Marcel Dicke: Why not eat insects?"
"Oooh.  Man you eatin' insects?"
"Man.  That's crazy!"

Let's say a child begins attending Star•Bucks Middle School, having successfully completed elementary school, they will receive their Silver Card with name, picture and their class graduation date. They now take on some responsibilities previously assumed by their parents when they were in elementary school. 

Points are added and deducted according to grades earned, meals purchased, as well as grades earned through group projects, exams, attendance, and presentations.

No matter where a student attends school in the United States, their educational records can be downloaded using the card. 

The card is also used to purchase healthy foods. And instead of a single lunch period, students are allowed to eat through-out the day.
There is a limitation on daily purchases as determined by the student, parent, and Barista.

Students are allowed to eat in class as long as it doesn't disrupt learning (Cheetos' Flaming Cheetos for example), with all trash and remaining food properly disposed.  

Food includes a variety of sandwiches, a selection of fruit drinks (with NO added sugars), lattes, coffee (in high school),   as well as healthy snacks fresh local and in-season fruits and a variety of nuts (excluding peanuts).

students will also use the card to register their attendance into each "dock" (classroom), which is automatically registered into the schools' computer system.  

Entry into each "dock" is supervised by either a college student earning community service credit. or seniors to earn credit points for a variety of purchases.
For Education majors, this is part of their "classroom observation" requirement - greeting students to better understand the connection between establishing a sincere professional relationship with students, and having a focused group of students.
Also, the college students will make sure the cards are not being misused. Scanned cards are expected to match name and picture to face.  Cards are expected to be scanned upon entry into each docking location a student is registered in.