Welcome to Star•Bucks Middle School 
Art Program

"Sharlene, I'm having the fruit and 
nut snack for lunch,
with a Passion-fruit Lemonade. 
"Girl, are you on a diet?"
"No!  I just like it. Besides it's healthy."
"True dat."
Is That Art?
Art!.  I was just speaking with someone at Starbucks who re-collected a large piece of abstract art that he hated!  His explanation?  It was abstract and it hurt his eyes.  Okay.  Maybe the artist intended to evoke pain or a sense of being uncomfortable.  
That Pissed Me Off!
I remember when I first saw Luke Chue's art.  I was pissed off!  Wait a minute.  Why would a piece of art work make me so angry?  I had to "take time" and look.  Really look.  The subject matter. It made me angry.  Angry about what's going on in the world.  And he did it with a limited monochromatic pallet with one or two images.  
A lot of work, mental work, goes into creating a piece of work that evokes feeling.  It's easier with music.  It's easy to listen to music.  Unfortunately, art cannot travel the way music can.  Art has to be seen, thought about, and remembered.  Art, or all kind, exercises the brain in ways we still don't truly understand.
Now I wish I could afford a Chue.
Students and the School Makes Money Selling Art
Art, at Star•Bucks middle school is very, very important, just as important as any math or literature course.  Each "dock" will display art by students and instructors.  An annual art sale takes place in October.  It's not your grand-mother's art show.
No more Back-To-School-Nites!
Instead there will be an art show/performances, and "happenings."  It's wild! Crazy fun!  Alive.  No mausoleum of dead artists.  Jeans is the dress-code.  The event takes place at a local venue for the entire community to attend.  All Star•Buck schools are able to participate.  The art work remains up for one-month.  
Student Artists Graduate with a Lump-sum of money!
Twenty-percent of each sale goes to the art department for materials, supplies, professional artists who conduct workshops,  as well as field trips.  Thirty-percent covers the costs of the event. The other fifty-percent goes to student artists.  Participating professionals receive seventy-percent of their sale. 

Making money doing something you love?  This will increase an interest in "the arts." 

Students who sell their work will receive credit onto their card as part of their funding for whatever they choose to do after graduation whether it's to attend college, an apprenticeship, trade-school, or whatever. 
The graduates will have access to their money (with interest) after high-school or turning eighteen (whichever comes first). This will provide them with some means of support if they choose to pursue art.
Other departments have the same opportunity.  The engineering department will create a competition.  The music department will put on a show with the drama department, as well as several concerts in the park event.  

These are projects.  Students 
learn by doing!