Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Elementary students will receive a cards dispensed to card, and their parents/guadians will receive one as well. Parents are able to access - as well as the student - attendance - proper use of iPads, textbooks, library check-outs, meals/snacks, and supplies etc. 

Parents can view their child's activities and progress in school, along with any notes from instructors. 

Star•Bucks Middle School is a hands-on school
If a student isn't progressing as they should, the staff can know almost immediately by accessing information from the parents through the card.  Have they been initialing their child's homework?  Have they responded to the instructor's contact?

It is the parents' responsibility to let the school know what's going on. It is our ideal to create an atmosphere where parents feel connected to the school as part of their family/community, thereby feeling comfortable to initiate contact when necessary.  

 Of course, since our daily contact is with the instructors more-so than the parents, we will ask them about the child first. Obviously, this does not make them responsible, for many issues with the child begins at home.  The instructor's job is here at the school, as well as the many other projects and events taking place at the school.  

Our instructors are responsible for fifty students to work with.  

Teaching is the only profession that daily works with the same fifty "clients" every week for nine-months out of the year.  
If something is not working for the student we start at the source.  Home.
Parents are not responsible for instructing their child on the various subject matters unless they are able to do so.  However, parents are responsible for teaching their children the following:
• Respect and consideration for others
• Discipline
• Organization/time management
• Delay-gratification
From the above comes positive self-esteem
If the child is lacking in any one of these areas we can only assume the parents do so as well - though not necessarily.  These problems should have been dealt with in elementary school.  In fact that is our main focus. 

We want to let parents know as soon as possible when their child is struggling and what that might mean in their adult years.   

We encourage parents to participate in free on-campus courses to assist them with any challenges they may have.  Such as:

• Managing Your Finances
• Setting Goals
• Your Child's Future

Parents ARE responsible for their child's education.  If they aren't, then who?  Blame instructors?  Maybe? But let's start at home first.

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